Food cart Franchise Application Process

Food cart Franchise Application Process

For Metro Manila Clients

Step 1: Set an appointment. (contact us)

Step 2: Fill-up Filtrepreneur Franchise Application Form

Step 3: Draw sketch of location

Step 4: Pay the Franchise Package (cash, check or credit card).

Step 5: Submit a valid ID and sign the Franchise Agreement.

Step 6: Attend the Franchise Business Seminar and Crew Training.

Step 7: Scheduled release, pick-up/delivery of franchise package (2-4 weeks).

Step 8: Start of foodcart operation.

For Provincial Clients (OFW)

NOTE: You can also do the same procedure as Metro Manila clients if it suites you.

Step 1:
Contact  0919-271-6324

Step 2:
Decide what food cart you would like to Franchise. (For example: Pinoy Pao)

Step 3:
Prepare the Following:

Letter of Intent
Valid ID
& Location sketch.
Fill-up Letter of Intent (Request for a copy), print, sign and have it scan then send it to together with a scanned valid ID

Step 4:
If you already have a location to where the food cart will be put up, draw a sketch, scan it and send it through e-mail as well. If you do not have a location yet, skip this step.

Step 5:
Deposit your payment (cash or check) thru,
Banco De Oro – BDO
Filtrepreneur Franchise Inc.

MetroBank – MBTC
Filtrepreneur Franchise Inc.
Contact us (0919-271-6324) first before you deposit.

Step 6:
Scan your deposit slip and e-mail it as well at

Step 7:
Confirm that you have sent the documents through text for faster transaction. We will process your franchise application after you deposited your payment . Wait for the scanned official receipt that will be sent to you via email.

Step 8:
Before the release, you will be advised of all the contact details of the distributor near your area for product ordering.Cart fabrication and sourcing of equipment will take 2 – 4 weeks. Coordinate with the releasing department for the schedule of delivery. All details about food cart franchising(crew training, food handling, etc) is indicated on the business kit which will be sent to you as well. All other inclusions (equipment, food sampler, crew uniform, etc.) will be delivered together with the food cart.

Step 9:
Start of food cart operation.

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